Laurent Garnier Laurent Garnier , one of the biggest Producers and DJs in electronic music, lashed out against the wave of new talents who perform virtually every night, the same session at the clubs or festivals they play at. He commented for Meet & Greet in France, that one can tell what kind of DJ you have in front of you when you see that they don't use headphones to play, therefore, "they already know what's next and they've just rehearsed the moment." He expressed that it is appalling how many DJs bring their show set up to a club where it is not the same type of audio to use festival songs, or the lighting is different, as well as the people attending. The magic of being a DJ is in the spontaneity of the sessions, in taking them to unconventional places at night, not in them hearing the same thing that is in fashion everywhere. Laurent claims that he can spend about 5-6 hours listening to music in his home to discover new music, because, “that’s my job as a DJ, listen and discover,” given the lack of commitment of many who only read charts and play what they see there. Very good points my uncle Laurent.

Posted by musicminds at 2023-04-17 11:07:02 UTC