CAN BALAFIA "tel:+34971325019" A haven for meat enthusiasts, this familial eatery has been an integral part of Ibiza's dining landscape for three decades. Embracing simplicity, the restaurant's cherished offerings include delectable meat cuts expertly grilled on a substantial specialized barbecue, alongside the renowned tomato salad comprising just three ingredients. The enchantment unfolds on the restaurant's terrace, adorned with twinkling fairy lights suspended gracefully from tree to tree, and a sky adorned with glistening stars. On a warm Balearic evening, it truly becomes a dreamlike setting. Please note that reservations are recommended, and it's advisable to bring cash, as credit cards are not accepted. Vegetarian options are not available, so if you're dining with vegetarians, ensure they have an affinity for tomatoes and chips.

Posted by Can Balafia at 2023-06-14 07:29:58 UTC