SOMM WINE SHOP IBIZA At SOMM we pick our wine producers with the outmost of care. We see ourselves as a talent scout in wines, hand selecting the very finest we know. All the wines we work with are chosen by a team of sommeliers and expert consultants. Together we have more than 20 years of experience in the world of wine. In the last 20 years many things have changed in the wine world. Brands that was once important are now forgotten. Classic wine regions have found competition from newer areas. Natural wines are increasing in popularity and reputation. Among the most significant changes is the effect of global warming on our vineyards. Too much heat during the growing season and you end up with wines that taste cooked, with little freshness and high alcohols. This is not the type of wines we sell. At SOMM we like to look towards the future and have already started to isolate what vineyards is benefiting from increasing temperatures. The global average shows that the 13 first years of the millennium where among the 14 hottest since measuring started. This puts pressure on warm wine making countries such as Spain. As a general rule (according to our own measurements) the temperature in Spanish vineyards is decreasing with 0,6 degrees per 100 meters increase in elevation. Therefore we have actively search out wines that come from altitudes of 650-1000 meters above sea level. We have noticed that the cold nights at these altitudes conserve the important acidity in the grapes. As a result our wines have a freshness and intensity of flavour that is uncommon in wines from warmer regions. The strong ultraviolet light at high altitudes also has a a positive impact on the polyphenols in the grape skins, giving smoother tannins as a result. Finally the stronger winds decrease problems with mould and pests making organic viticulture easy. Growing vines on high altitude vineyards is nothing new. The thin soils on higher altitudes gives wines with more concentration and flavour. The Romans discovered it more that 2000 years ago, the Cistercians monks in Burgundy made it a central in their wine making philosophy. In the booming years after WW2 more and more vineyard where planted in flat fertile soils to maximise yields, this was detrimental to wine quality. The major wine trend of our times is that we are drinking less, but better. Quality over quantity is once again a priority for many consumers. At SOMM we champion high altitude wines as a response to this trend. We promise that you will taste the difference. / Anders Enkvist and team

Posted by musicminds at 2023-06-28 14:13:53 UTC