BAMBUDDHA GROVE "tel:+34971197510" Bambuddha Grove captures the essence of the Ibiza experience—stylish, hip, and located just beyond St. Eulalia on the way to St. Juan. Since its establishment in 1999, this restaurant has consistently been a focal point in Ibiza, offering a blend of Mediterranean and Asian cuisine presented in a diverse menu. The culinary offerings are genuinely satisfying, but what truly distinguishes Bambuddha Grove is its enchanting ambiance. The owner creatively transformed the former Buddha Bar into the now celebrated "Temple of the Black Sheep Tribe," described as a haven of Love & Peace. Wrap up your evening in one of the available gazebos with a delightful cocktail. Undoubtedly a must-visit, but be prepared to indulge in a more generous spending experience!

Posted by Bambuddah Grove at 2024-04-23 07:53:59 UTC