TALLER SA PÊNA by Ibiza Food Studio https://www.ibzfoodstudio.com "tel:+34628854654" The Experience menu at this dining establishment seamlessly blends a devotion to local, organic ingredients with a selection of premium products sourced globally. Termed as 'glocal' cooking, the chefs meticulously curate 14 intimate dishes, sourcing the finest produce from Ibiza and beyond to create a culinary spectacle. Following this elevated dining experience, patrons depart not just satiated but also enriched with a deeper understanding of both the cuisine and the island. For those seeking a more laid-back option, the à la carte experience offers the same premium products in a family-style presentation. The focus remains on showcasing the best ingredients, providing a raw material-driven serving style that promises a distinctive culinary adventure.

Posted by Taller Sa Pena at 2023-09-14 14:14:10 UTC