The Rave Cave Not all of the Ibizan stories narrated by the night bonfires are fake, some turn out to be truthful, particularly the legend about the secret caves. Indeed, somewhere along the western coast there lies a beautiful sheltered bay hidden from the public eye with rocks, cliffs, and pines. Some enthusiasts have been seeking the cave for years until they finally found the disguised gem with huge stone arches and mysterious sculptures that could have been carved by ancient people thousands of years ago. The spot has actually served as a site for sun worshiping for a long long time. If you are determined to discover cave parties, set off as early as April and you will have time until late October, as these are the months when locals worship the source of light and warmth. However, rave caves can be experienced the whole year around.

Posted by musicminds at 2023-10-30 10:04:26 UTC