My Experience on Ibiza Island: Ibiza effortlessly manages its influx of over 3 million visitors in the first 9 months of 2023 while preserving the untouched allure of this modestly-sized gem in the Mediterranean, spanning 572.56 square kilometers. This island stands as a testament to pristine upkeep, boasting flawlessly maintained roads where traffic glides effortlessly, and where warm smiles serve as keys to open any door. Remarkably, its natural verdant landscapes remain untarnished, a visual delight complemented by over 80 beaches dotting its stunning coastline, where swimmers bask in the waters until early December. This week, flocks of migrating birds graced the skies above this island, offering a glimpse of the rare luxury found in simplicity. Ibiza invites one to revel in its unspoiled beauty and embrace the serene escape it generously offers.

Posted by margarita.sprecher at 2023-12-20 09:41:24 UTC