OVERALL overallibiza.com "tel:+34683399023" Tucked in the village's church square behind a red velvet curtain, this graffiti-adorned former art gallery evokes Buenos Aires' exclusive 'puerta cerrada' supper clubs. Boasting a capacity of 24 guests per sitting, Overall, led by the talented couple Jorge Álvarez and Mónica Patiño, presents a blend of a science lab and speakeasy. Drawing on their Asian experiences, the duo employs preservation, fermentation, and ancestral smoking techniques, curating a diverse 'flavour library.' The result is a menu featuring inventive dishes like octopus aged in wagyu fat and cacao, paired with hand-distilled moonshine cocktails crafted with fermented fruit, native shrubs, and precision-carved ice.

Posted by Overall at 2024-03-07 10:22:57 UTC