OKU RESTAURANT https://www.okuhotels.com/oku-ibiza/dining/ "tel:+34971348477" OKU Ibiza made a brilliant decision by appointing Mark Vaessen as the executive chef for OKU Restaurant. In May 2022, the team introduced a fresh menu and revamped ambiance, offering a harmonious and thoughtful setting for a sophisticated and delightful dining experience. The menu reflects the relaxed, natural atmosphere of OKU Ibiza and showcases Mark Vaessen's culinary passion for Japanese influences and Spanish flavors. Each dish is distinctive, with standouts such as the velvety Gambero rojo, featuring refreshing acidity; a flawlessly crispy hamachi panipuri with a jalapeño kick; and oysters adorned with tangy ponzu sauce and fresh cucumbers. Not to be missed is Mark's signature dessert, La Tierra, an exquisite combination of pure chocolate, cacao, pistachio, and mandarin, beautifully presented. The OKU Restaurant team collaborates seamlessly, delivering a memorable meal and creating an atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression, making you crave more.

Posted by Oku at 2024-03-07 10:32:36 UTC