NAGAI "tel:+34971807308" Nestled in the expansive finca along the legendary San Juan road, once the domain of Leah Tilbury's wildly adventurous Ocho, Nagai diverges from the sleek minimalism typical of many Ibiza sushi establishments. Instead, it embraces a warm, bohemian ambiance befitting its 300-year-old abode. During summer, the focal point shifts to the walled terrace, adorned with candlelit tables laden with sashimi, hosomaki, tempura, and rice dishes. In winter, the finca's interior, aglow with fireplace warmth, provides an ideal backdrop for a comforting menu featuring soups, noodles, and hot Japanese tapas. Co-owner Melchior, a native of Ibiza, is not only deeply rooted in the island's history and heritage but also recognized as one of its most esteemed healers and visionaries. His grounding presence adds an authentic touch, making Nagai a genuinely immersive experience. @nagai ibiza

Posted by Nagai at 2024-04-12 08:12:59 UTC