1742 BY NASSAU GROUP & EDWIN VINKE https://www.1742ibiza.com "tel:+34971304452" Nestled in an amazing location, Chef Edwin Vinke leads the culinary team at this magnificent restaurant, now in its second season, showcasing a menu brimming with authentic Ibizan delicacies. With an unwavering commitment to championing local produce, Edwin understands the profound influence of geography, climate, and tradition on each region's culinary identity. Wherever his culinary journey takes him, Edwin crafts menus inspired by the bounty of the land and sea, resulting in truly distinctive dishes. Those fortunate enough to savor his creations embark on a sensory voyage, connecting with the environment through their palates. Supporting the ethos of sustainability and authenticity, the restaurant exclusively sources its ingredients from Ibicencan farmers, ranchers, and fishermen, offering patrons a fascinating gastronomic journey unlike any other.

Posted by 1742 at 2024-03-28 16:23:39 UTC