CASA PIEDRA "tel:+34 971196558" Nestled between Cala Llonga's sea and mountain, our rural house offers a serene retreat amidst lemon, orange, and olive trees. Our garden provides a natural backdrop for gatherings, be it with friends, family, or for a romantic dinner. Inside, our charcoal kitchen blends signature cuisine with Nikkei, Japanese-Peruvian, Vietnamese, and Mediterranean flavors. We pride ourselves on attention to detail, both in presentation and customer service, crafting unique dishes that reflect our identity. CasaPiedra surprises with a diverse menu featuring sushi and Mediterranean fusion, ensuring an unforgettable dining experience on this magical island. Our carefully curated wine list complements our culinary offerings, enhancing the pleasure of pairing food and wine.

Posted by Casa Pedra at 2024-05-08 19:56:46 UTC