With gratitude, I present my next art project for Burning Man 2024 Life is a Puzzle. There will be 2 puzzles of this installation, front and back. 30 puzzle pieces in total. This piece is made from 2 of my art series. It also includes the figures from my -“Human Foundation Series”- on how we should, Assist each other, achieve with each other, and evolve with each other. 🙏🏻 🔥The Process of Assembling: A Burning Man Romance In the heart of the playa, under the vast expanse of starlit skies, life unfolds like a grand, mystical puzzle. We learn to see the beauty in imperfection and the wisdom in our missteps. The puzzle of life is not meant to be solved quickly or easily. Each piece we place, each connection we make, is a testament to our courage, our love, and our unyielding belief in the magic of the human spirit. In the end, the process of assembling our life’s puzzle at Burning Man is a deeply romantic endeavor.🔥 The history of this art series-project:⬇️ In the depths of a dream, I was showing my latest art exhibition, surrounded by my painted puzzles. Amidst in the crowd, a woman approached me, her eyes shining with admiration. She pointed to one of the puzzles and whispered, “This is an incredible idea. It will take you to the moon.” I awoke, as I always do to record my dreams, and marveled at the words this women had spoken. Fast forward three years, and here I am, filled with gratitude and pride, launching my new series: Life is a Puzzle.—- Enjoy. 🧩 Please enquire within if you are interested in assisting, funding or finding a home for this piece after the Burn. @VictorSpinelli1

Posted by SPiN5 at 2024-06-29 12:09:43 UTC